happy 3rd birthday sailor

october 30 , 2017   |   horse ranch   |  woodinville, wasailor3rdbday-5614sailor3rdbday-5621 sailor3rdbday-5638sailor3rdbday-5678 sailor3rdbday-5739sailor3rdbday-5768sailor3rdbday-5803sailor3rdbday-5821


sailor3rdbday-5914sailor3rdbday-5920sailor3rdbday-5952sailor3rdbday-6005sailor3rdbday-6023sailor3rdbday-6137sailor3rdbday-6153sailor3rdbday-6091sailor3rdbday-6160sailor3rdbday-6110sailor3rdbday-6314  sailor3rdbday-6360sailor3rdbday-6357sailor3rdbday-6344sailor3rdbday-6353-2




One thought on “happy 3rd birthday sailor

  1. As always, you capture each moment so beautifully in your photo’s. I love them all. And, I’ve decided that you and Sailor have the same lovely cheekbones. I think she may just look like her Mimi. 🙂 xo


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